Friday, January 2, 2015

First Edition BOOK OF MORMON: Ten copies are now for sale in Provo, Utah!

The first edition BOOK OF MORMON was printed in 1830.  Martin Harris, a friend of Joseph Smith, mortgaged his farm for $3,000 to finance the printing of 5,000 copies.   The printing was done by E. B. Grandin in Palmyra, New York.  Now, 185 years later, as few as 500 of the original 5,000 copies have survived.  The first edition Book of Mormon is highly sought after.  The price has continued to increase.  When the book first came out in  1830 copies sold for $1.25 - $1.50.  In the 1950s you could buy a copy for $50-100.  By the 1970s the price had increased to over $1,000.  In 1989 the price was $5,000.  However, ten years later, copies were selling for $75,000!  In 2007, the first edition Book of Mormon first sold for over $100,000.  With the world-wide economic collapse, the price dropped in 2008-09 to around $50-60,000.  Now, in 2015, the price has rebounded to around $100,000.  In the attached photo, you will see TEN copies currently for sale--ranging in price from $85,000-$300,000.  By way of comparison, the first edition KING JAMES BIBLE [1611] in the photo sells for $150,000.